Apple & Pecan Crumbles With Go Cook, Exclusively For Tesco

In todays post I’m bringing you a deee-licious apple and pecan crumble recipe, that’s the perfect Autumn/Winter dessert option for a cosy little treat to curl up on the sofa with. I’m also going to be introducing you to a new cookware discovery of mine; Go Cook, exclusively for Tesco

Obviously as a food blogger, cookware and kitchen utensils are something that I seem to collect and have rather a lot of; after all, I do use them every single day. Like with lots of things, it often benefits to invest in really good quality items, as these tend to last longer and perform better. Over the years, I’ve come to realise that the quality of your cookware and kitchen equipment really does have an impact on your cooking and makes a huge different to the result of the recipe. Take non-stick pans for example: it’s so important to have a good quality non-stick frying pan, as I find lots of the cheaper options don’t work nearly as well food often sticks to the base. 

Now, obviously when purchasing higher quality items, this can often mean that they’re a little more expensive.. however, I actually find that in the long run, it works out to be more cost effective to invest in good quality items that you really love. Over time, I’ve learnt to build up my collection gradually and save up for the items that I truly want. A good way to do this could be so set yourself a budget every month and slowly build up your collection that way- I like to make myself little lists of things that I want to buy and plan out my money like that. Eventually, you’ll have a collection of products that perform brilliantly, you love using and will hopefully last longer. It can often be tempting to purchase lots of cheaper items, just for the sake of getting everything at one time, but I often find myself having to re-purchase these before long.. resulting in the whole thing actually being more expensive! This is one of the reasons that I was drawn to the Go Cook, they’re high quality products and are also pretty reasonably priced as well! 

In this recipe, I’ve used these beautiful mini cast iron pots from the Go Cook, which are ideal for making single serve dishes such as: cookie dough, soup starters, porridge, crumbles or pies. I love using cast iron skillets, as they’re really versatile and can be used on the hob and in the oven as well. I also think that they look really attractive when serving food and make a lovely addition to a dinner spread. I’m completely obsessed with these mini ones; I think they look so pretty and match my kitchen colour scheme perfectly! It also means that you can serve the crumbles straight from ovenware.. so less washing up! I always try and make sure that I take my time choosing cast iron cookware and select something really good quality, because poor quality products can result in parts of the pan coming off in the food.. and no-one wants that! Overall, I was so impressed with these products from the Go Cook; they were really easy to clean and I didn’t find that any of the food stuck to the bottom of the dish at all. They’re around £11 to purchase (which I think is really good value), so are an affordable item and something that will hopefully last me a long time. I see things like this as an investment because I know I’ll get lots of use out of them and they’re something that can be used for SO many different recipes! 

If you wanted to find out more about the products from Go Cook or shop them for yourself, you can check them out here

Okay, so onto today’s recipe.. the crumbles! Some of the reasons that I love making crumbles, is that they’re so easy to throw together and also a great way to use up lots of left over fruit you might have lying around. you can also get creative and give them your own twist by experimenting with different kinds of fruit, depending on what you have available. Today I’ve just gone with a classic apple crumble, as I had lots of amazing, crisp Granny Smith apples in my fruit bowl, but you could try things like plums, figs and berries also.. or perhaps some pears. These are a pretty healthy dessert option, as the crumble is sweetened with raw honey and is simply a combination of this, oats and coconut oil. If you wanted to make the recipe vegan, then you can of course swap out the honey for agave, rice or maple syrup. 

You can shop the cast iron skillets here

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