Hey there & welcome to Charley’s Health!

Charley’s Health started off as a little Instagram passion project, which in fact was actually called something completely different back then. It was a page for me to share the food I was eating and creating after first embarking on my health and fitness journey. Of course, things have greatly evolved since then. My views on what it means to eat well and live a healthy lifestyle have dramatically changed over the years and I believe that having a healthy relationship with food and enjoying what you eat is key. 

Healthy body, mind & appetite!

I wanted the recipes on Charley’s Health to be food for both the body and mind. I specialise in creating decadent desserts with a deliciously different twist; whether that be gluten free, vegan, high protein, sugar free and more! There’s no reason why anyone should miss out on their little bit of indulgence!

My journey

I soon discovered, that despite having that perfectly regimented diet and exercise routine, I still wasn’t feeling good inside because it simply wasn’t enjoyable. This led me to years of yo-yoing and getting trapped in the classic binge-restrict cycle that so many of us have experienced. I eventually realised that allowing myself to enjoy an imperfect, unrestricted diet based mainly around nutritious foods but with those little indulgences where I fancied, was far more beneficial than walking that tightrope of perfection and continuously falling off.

I guess to put it simply, I’m much better off enjoying a slice of cake here and there, than never allowing myself cake and therefore eating 6 slices in one sitting.

Your mental relationship with food is just as important as the physical one. A ‘healthy’ diet that’s causing you stress and is a struggle to maintain might not be that healthy after all.

I’d love to hear from you!